Trust gained over the years

Investments in construction industry

A family company that has been specialising in the construction and investments for over 30 years. Over the years, we have implemented many ambitious and profitable investments in the construction industry. Our achievements and experience results in increasing the scale of operations.

Monitoring and investments

We verify information and analyse the financial market, taking into account global changes and amendments in legislation.

Site preparation

We can comprehensively prepare plots for industrial, residential and commercial properties.

Implementation and supervision

Full organisation of construction processes and synchronisation of the contractor teams’ operations on the site of the implemented investment.

Real estate management

Services within the scope of maintaining the required condition of the property, starting from design works to the operation of the facility.

Mergers and acquisitions

The knowledge resulting from the presence on the real estate market is invaluable in identifying real business opportunities.

Analyses and negotiations

Professional project management, negotiations, mediation and verification of information in terms of planned activities.


Multi-generational experience in the construction industry and the strategic approach to the still growing financial market created a company which aimed to achieve synergies within these areas. Over the years of our presence on the Polish market, we have developed an effective methodology for both specialisations. Full motivation and commitment
Full motivation and commitment


Our domain is close cooperation with partners, optimal management as well as high work efficiency. We combine experience with the search for new optimisation opportunities, focusing on the highest investment results.



HANGAR – a modern office space. 2000 m² spread over 4 floors, approximately 500 m² each, with the possibility of customization from 300 cm to 473 cm in height, which will meet the expectations of every company. The location offers a green area and a yacht marina.


Przecław Logistic Park - commercial investment in Przecław near Szczecin. We will build warehouse and office space on an area of 10.1 ha, directly at the exit from the new DK13 bypass and only 5 km from the A6 and S3 motorways. This is a great location for companies that value easy access and the ability to adapt the space to their needs.

From a broader perspective

Our companies and the sectors in which we operate

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SIGNUM sp. z o.o.
ul. Przestrzenna 7
70-800 Szczecin
NIP: 851 316 62 99

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